Blisters treatments



To whom does it happen:

This type of eczema in blisters is twice more common in women than in men.
The persons are more inclined to present eczema "dishidrótico" when:

• They are under stress.
• They have allergies, like the allergic rinitis.
• The hands are often in the water or the moisture.
• They work with cement or another work that exhibits its hands to the chromium, the cobalt or the nickel.

The cause is not known. The complaint seems to appear during certain seasons.

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Small blisters full of liquid called vesicles appear in the fingers of the hands, the hands and the feet. They are more common along the rims of the palms and fingers of the hands, plants and fingers of the feet. These blisters can cause great itch. Also it can cause leather patches descamativos that they peel constantly or become red, raw and painful.

The plastered one leads to changes and engrosamiento of the skin. The big blisters can cause pain.

Prevention and advisable treatment

Use the product of Imperial Feet, “Help aprevenir the blisters appearance” like the best preventive one of this ailment which is formulated by means of glycerin, camphor and tree of you, between others.

This product is suitable for diabetics

Name : Blisters treatments
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